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Playing by the book

Posted by in on 3-12-16

Playing by the book

I’m a mum of two young girls (referred to here as M [9] and J [6]) and we really love words and we really love to make stuff.

Sometimes we make or do something and we want a good book (or poem / song / audiobook) that continues the game, that captures some of the magic we’ve enjoyed. Sometimes it’s the other way round and we read a great book which inspires us to get the glue and glitter out.

Either way, we’ve always got plenty of books around the house, boxes of “crafty stuff” and a desire to have fun**.

However, my memory is terrible. So this blog is to celebrate and remind me of many of the things we get up to as a family, of the books we’ve read and loved and that you might just fall in love with too. You can read more about the story behind the blog in various interviews I’ve done.


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